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State leaders demanding full pardon for Scott sisters

State leaders demanding full pardon for Scott sisters
By Alice Thomas-Tisdale

Jackson Advocate Publisher

Attorney Chokwe Lumumba held a press conference last week to respond to former governor Haley Barbour’s lopsided exiting pardons. He said although many of the pardons were deserving, including one his former clients, not enough was done to right the wrong of Mississippi giving a full pardon to Jamie and Gladys Scott, who served 16 years for a $11 robbery they deny responsibility for.

“It is not a requirement for a pardon to admit guilt,” noted Lumumba. “To not pardon the Scott sisters is an act of injustice. They will continue to have to look over their shoulders, afraid that their freedoms will be snatched from them at the first infraction,” he said. “They are terrified. They do not want to go back to prison.” The cost of supervision, which is absorbed by Mississippi taxpayers, is also a reason to allow the Scott sisters to pursue a life of normalcy.

Lumumba plans to appeal to Governor Phil Bryant to reexamine the issue. But there is no wait and see attitude among human rights activists. The Full Pardon Campaign Committee for the Scott Sisters is taking action by hosting the National Day of Justice Conference in Jackson, April 2-4, 2012.

Among the planned events is The Rally for Justice, which will involve national as well as state and local leaders. For details, call 601-353-4455.


From: Sis. Jamia

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

S.O.P.E. - SUPPORT OUR PEOPLE'S EFFORTS - Founder/President - Jamia Shepherd

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Our Prayers go out to Mrs Rasco, who is the Mother of Jamie and Gladys Scott , who was recently released earlier this year from 16 years of Incarceration, having been charged with an $11.00 Robbery, which they have always Proclaimed Innocence. Those of you who have been receiving my Newsletters (at least for a year and more)...should recall the many times that Mrs. Rasco was spoken about. She is a Mother who has given UnConditional Love to her Children and Grandchildren. She is a true Warrior Woman, whom is Dedicated, Loyal, Committed and Loving. You would want a person like Mrs Rasco in your corner. Throughout the years Mrs Rasco has been fighting to be Healthy herself, while in the Fight for Jamie and Glady's Release. Mrs Rasco had been in much pain and agony for months.

After a couple of prognosis from doctors to have her leg amputated, it was done on Monday. I communicated with Nancy Lockhart earlier (when unable to reach Mrs Rasco this morning, again, via phone) that the amputation did take place on Monday. Of course, we Pray that Mrs Rasco will be as healthy as possible, and that this 'stumble' in the road, will only be that...and she will proceed with Health Challenges out of the way...for a Better Life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update on Terrance Scott Hearing

From Mrs. Evelyn Rasco

Dear Supporters:

Thanks to your help, Terrance's sentencing hearing has been put off until July 28. This will give more time for supporters to write letters and fax his attorney as she is working very hard to get him the least amount of time that she can, due to the great injustice Jamie and Gladys suffered.

Atty Contact is:

Jennifer Hart
3 West Garden St, Suite 200
Pensacola, FL 32502
Fax: 850 434 3855
Office: 850 432 1418.

Terrance Scott is Jamie Scott's oldest son.

Thank you on behalf of Jamie and Gladys.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Plea from Evelyn Rasco to Call-in for Grandson, Terrance Scott

From: Mrs. Evelyn Rasco - rqueenbee2222@yahoo.com

I am asking all of our supporters to please email or fax my grandson's attorney to ask the judge to have mercy on Terrance Scott. He is Jamie's oldest son that went on a rampage due to our long fight to free Jamie and Gladys and his belief that his mother would die in prison. Crimes have been put on him by the state that he did not do. He has pled guilty to federal charges so he will be sentenced on July 19. I am asking just for your help so the system will know that someone cares for Terrance just as so many of you cared for Jamie and Gladys. His attorney is Jennifer Hart, fax her at 850 434 3855, office number 850 432 1418. Terrance had no convictions until all this happened and no one was hurt or killed in the crimes he pled guilty to, so please i need your help. Send a fax, please, time has run out for letters to reach Pensacola, FL. Just ask the judge to have mercy on Terrance and state that what happened to his mother, Jamie, pushed him off the edge and drinking that 4LOKO beer that has killed some teens in the past. So please help me to save my grandson's life, please everyone fax as quickly as possible. You all freed Jamie and Gladys and I know you can make an impact on what the judge does to Terrance.

Thank you so much for your support, Evelyn Rasco (Jamie and Gladys Scott's mother). My fight for my kids will never end, thank you.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


From: BET.com / 5-11-11

Tonight on The Mo'Nique Show: NAACP President Ben Jealous Joins the Scott Sisters to Discuss Their Landmark Case

Also, Grizz Chapman talks about his kidney scare and VaShawn Mitchell sings for the Scott sisters.
By BET-Staff

BET's The Mo'Nique Show is the boldest talk show on TV. Tonight the Queen of Late Night welcomes:

LOCAL HEROES GLADYS AND JAMIE SCOTT, WHOSE LIFE SENTENCES WERE CUT SHORT. The Scott sisters discuss their 16 years in prison, how they overcame their circumstances and the deal that ultimately set them free.

NAACP PRESIDENT BEN JEALOUS, WHO CAME TO THE SCOTT SISTERS' RESCUE. Ben Jealous joins the Scott sisters on the couch to discuss what attracted the NAACP to the Scott sisters' case and how they were able to land another major victory in Civil Rights history.

ACTOR GRIZZ CHAPMAN, WHO WENT FROM PERSONAL SECURITY GUARD TO PLAYING ONE ON TV. Chapman talks about his real-life kidney-transplant scare as well as his role on the hit sitcom 30 Rock.

GOSPEL SINGER VASHAWN MITCHELL, WHO DEDICATES HIS PERFORMANCE TO THE SCOTT SISTERS. VaShawn Mitchell explains the history of "Nobody Greater" to Mo'Nique before delivering an emotional performance in honor of the Scott sisters.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Malcolm X Grassroots Movement & National Conference of Black Lawyers To Host Forum featuring Jamie & Gladys Scott and Chokwe Lumumba, with panelists Michael Tarif Warren, Marc Lamont Hill, and Rukia Lumumba, moderated by April R. Silver:

April 23 at Restoration Plaza, 1:00pm

WHO: Featured Guests: Jamie and Gladys Scott (aka the Scott Sisters) will be featured guests via teleconference.

Panelists: Chokwe Lumumba (legal counsel to the Scott Sisters); Michael Tarif Warren (lawyer activist), Marc Lamont Hill (activist, author, scholar), and Rukia Lumumba (activist); April R. Silver (activist, writer), moderator.

Organizers: The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and the National Conference of Black Lawyers.

WHAT: Mississippi, Goddam! The Scott Sisters Speak in Brooklyn – a community forum regarding the case of the Scott Sisters (see background note below). Attorney Chokwe Lumumba will give updates about the current state of affairs of this case and will provide information about the campaign for their full release. Jamie and Gladys Scott will be teleconferenced in live to share their experiences as well as their ongoing commitment to help others with similar cases. This forum is free and open to the public.

WHEN: Saturday, April 23, 2011 from 1:00 pm – 3:00 p

WHERE: Restoration Plaza, First Floor –
Multi-Purpose Room

Located at 1368 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11216

CONTACT: For more information, contact Lalit Clarkson at 917.468.7348 or info@mxgm.org. freethescottsisters.blogspot.com

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In 1993 in Mississippi two young Black women, Jamie and Gladys Scott were each sentenced to double life sentences for an $11 robbery. The trail and conviction of the then 19 and 22 year old women wreaks of the blatant race, gender and class oppression that is rampant throughout the criminal justice system in America. Their defense attorney, who was later disbarred for unrelated incompetency, never called a single witness in the sister's defense. One of the witnesses who testified against them has since recanted his testimony saying he was threatened by police. Ultimately, two of the three men who indeed committed the robbery served 2 years in prison in exchange for testifying against the Scott sisters. Jamie and Gladys maintain their innocence

While in prison, Jamie and Gladys suffered all of the usually physical and psychological abuses of incarceration. The lack of decent health care and nutrition put Jamie Scott in critical need of a kidney transplant. Support for their release grew over the decade and a half of their incarceration, ultimately leading to a suspension of sentence in January of this year - conditional on Gladys donating a kidney to her ailing sister.

Today, the Scott family and their supports urge the governor of Mississippi for a full pardon. Under the suspended sentence they must pay $52 a month for parole, abide by a strict curfew, and live with the constant fear of a parole violation - which would land them back in prison to serve their double-life sentences. Furthermore, without a full pardon, they still live with the stigma of being convicted felons. As felons, they are unable to get jobs, decent housing, and other critical services.







P.O. BOX 7100

Email Mrs. Rasco

FREE THE SCOTT SISTERS T-SHIRTS are available and may be purchased at http://www.radicaljack.com/scsit.html. Please order your shirts, wear them and assist us in spreading the word.