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Mrs. Evelyn Rasco has confirmed through a sergeant and nurse at the prison that Jamie was rushed to the hospital due to a decline in her condition earlier today. The prison will not confirm anything further, whatsoever, not even whether Jamie is still alive or where specifically she has been taken (the hospitals will not confirm whether Jamie is a patient at any of them either).

We had received a report a few days ago that Jamie should have been returned to the Medical Bldg. at the prison due to severe weakness and difficulty carrying out her activities of daily living, however this did NOT happen.

Jamie Scott should have remained hospitalized long ago due to her kidney failure and other health issues that are impacted by such a serious development!! The prison has played games with Jamie's life long enough and should have never moved her back from
the hospital to begin with!

We need to know Jamie Scott's condition and what is happening to her. She must not, once again, be returned to the prison to continue to deteriorate, her medical care must be taken out of the prison's hands!

Updates will follow as soon as they are available! Please keep checking in as much as you are able!


mammabear said...

For Jamie's health.

For Both Gladys and Jamie, that SOMEONE in the (un)justice system steps up for them, so that they are released NOW.

To the rest of the family...
for strength to keep dealing with this.

You all are in my thoughts and prayers daily!


Veronica said...

It is a shame that the system is built up on taking advantage of the poor. I need to know more about this case. I will get the information out to someone to try and get you some help. I will try to do all can do from the Chicago area. You can find me on facebook under Veronica Waddell. My email address is Can someone contact me and leave me a contact number please. God bless you!

Apoint said...

Your daughter's are in my prayers and my heart as you are also. I pray that they will receive the justice that is due them and your family. I pray that your daughter has a quick recovery and is released at home to continue to carry out her much needed treatment.

May God's Peace and grace be with you and guide you at this time.


Jocie Horace_Jackson said...

To Scott Family,

My heart definitely goes out to each and everyone of you all. I understand the woes of the disparity and injustice within the halls of the Criminal Justice System all to well. I am an ex-offender who has been out for 23 years. After reading the plight of your daughters, my heart sank deep. I know that many may flock to your side for various reasons during these adverse times but know that there are a "faithful few" who are just sick and tired of the injustices being done. I admit that I am one of them. I am here in TX and with the Lord as my guide, I am going to do all that I can to bring attention to this matter so that justice can be served. Please contact me @ I am looking forward to times shared and victorious praise report. May God keep you and your family tucked safely in that secret place.

Servant Of God,

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. My mom is housed in the same building as Jamie was before she was rushed to the hospital. On Sunday when I last spoke to her she was worried about Jamie. I truely understand what the family is going through because there has been times when my mom has went without the meds she needed. Because of what I beleive is lack of concern for the inmated until they see they have a family member standing them. Keep pushing forward and I pray that justice will provail and they will be released soon. My God continue to bless you and your family.

Mrs. K.J.

Anonymous said...

This case has touched my heart dearly and I can't express enough how I pray for both of the Scott sisters but most of all Jamie's ( big momma as my mom calls her) health.When I talk to my mom today she was a lot happier because her friend was ok and receiving care. She said Jamie was returned back to their building which house inmates with medical conditions. Although she said Jamie passed out after one of her treatments she says she looks alot better. She says now they have her on close watch after treatments. Its hard knowing that someone elses Love one is going through something like this and knowing that your own mom is housed in the same prison and same building in which she says somtimes only have cold water. I fear for my moms safety and health daily. I am only one person with alot on my plate right now but my goal is to make as many people as possible aware and again I pray that justice is served. You guys are always in my prayers. May God truely Bless and keep you.


Anonymous said...

Jamie is the first person my mom and I talk about now when she calls because we are both concern about her health. She informed me that on Wednesday she was in hospital and was suppose to return on Thursday.Still praying. May God bless your family.

Mrs. K.J.






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