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Yesterday Mrs. Rasco received an unconfirmed report that Jamie had been rushed to the hospital due to chest pains and today that information has been confirmed. To the best of anyone's knowledge Jamie is still in the hospital and Mrs. Rasco has been told that she is "resting comfortably." She has been given no information regarding Jamie's diagnosis or condition. We will post updates as soon as they become available.

Today was dedicated to the Scott Sisters by Mississippi Radio's Rip Daniels, where a ton of information has been regularly aired and today even a song was dedicated to them. It was stated that now, after 15 years, Mississippi is finally hearing Mrs. Rasco's pleas for justice for her daughters. Mrs. Rasco is very grateful to Bros. Rip Daniels and Charles Evers for doing such a fantastic job raising this case to a high level in Mississippi.

Mrs. Rasco was interviewed by WLBT Mississippi TV 3 reporter Julie Straw for a 10pm story they are working on covering today's rally. Bro. Earnest McBride's report on the rally follows. Please continue to support however you are able!




The rally opened Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. sharp. Charles Evers, the brother of civil rights martyr Medgar Evers hosted the rally inside the first floor rotunda of the Mississippi State Capitol. Evers, the general manager of radio station WMPR 90.1 FM said that he got involved because of the work Rip Daniels was doing on the air with his show, "It's a New Day." Daniels broadcasts out of Gulfport, but the daily program is simulcast on WMPR in Jackson. It's all on the Internet, too.
Daniels has been promoting the Scott Sisters' more than any of the other media in Mississippi.

Jackson Advocate Publisher Alice Tisdale asked that we remember her late husband, Jackson Advocate Charles Tisdale,the first person who actually took up the cause way back in 1993 and 1994 when the two sisters were first brought to trial. The Jackson Advocate shared the same building with Attorney Chokwe Lumumba at the time and Tisdale and Lumumba shared the same burning interest in cases like the Scott Sisters' injustice.

About 10 black state legislators appeared and spoke. Attorney Chokwe Lumumba, the attorney who handled the Scott Sisters appeal that was denied by the Mississppi Supreme Court, spoke on the injustice of the case. He urged people to flood the Governor Haley Barbour and Prison Commissioner Christopher Epps with emails and prepare to stage more and more demonstrations near the Scott County site of the miscarriage of justice.

At least five female lawmakers spoke and said they would not let the case rest. They led the cry of "Let my sisters go!" Next action is to get the Legislative Black Caucus on board. Black Caucus Chairman Billy Broomfield, a very competetent and savvy leader, was caught up with other legislative business and was unable to attend. But he will rally the entire Black Caucus. He is personally committed to the Scott Sisters' cause, but he will have to bring the issue before the entire Black Caucus in order to take a specific action in the name of the Black Caucus.

Three Local television channels and the Jackson Advocate were on hand to cover the event for the media. Earnest McBride, the Jackson Advocate contributing editor, also co-hosts the Empowerment Hour and will give a full report on the event this Saturday on BlogTalk Radio. (Check the Empowerment Hour Website for more information.)

None of the Rasco family was present. Mrs. Rasco rushed to Mississippi twice during the last two weeks on word that Jamie Scott's condition was critical. She does not have the money to travel back and forth to important events such as Thursday's rally. For this reason, Charles Evers and the rally organizers urged people to send money donations to Mrs. Evelyn Rasco, P.O. Box 7100, Pensacola, Florida 32534.

Rallies of this sort, while generating a lot of enthusiasm, and getting word out about the cause, tend not to get to the heart of the issues, to the real hurt and damage and suffering inflicted on the victims and the families of the victims.

Although just about everybody there truly sympathized with the Scott Sisters and Mrs. Rasco, their mother, and the children, other sisters and whoever, it is a difficult to say exactly how many of the rally attendees truly empathized with them. Please call us on the Empowerment Hour Saturday 6- 8 p.m. Eastern Time at: 646-716-7472.

Earnest L. McBride

Addendum: The Rally was held at the Rotunda in the Capitol Bldg. and about 200 people gathered at it's peak. One television station did a brief report at --(Scroll thru the videos til you see Charles Evers with the grey hat on).

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Celia Harrison said...

I do not understand why a mother can't find out what is going on with their child's health in the prison systems in this country, especially when they are very ill. I live in Alaska and was wrongfully imprisoned here for a very short time. This is what has opened my eyes, they withheld health care from me and even lied to keep me from taking medication. This country does not have the right to feed people unhealthy food which is probably the biggest factor in your daughter's being so ill with secondary health problems from diabetes. This country does not have the right to keep people from health care. They also do not have the right as is being done not just in Mississippi, but other places like Texas and Alaska, for prosecutors to lie and with hold evidence. This puts innocent people in prison and allows those who are actually guilty of the crimes to continue to rape, rob, etc. Our judicial system is a mess, our judges are corrupt, and as we have seen from the Yoo and Bybee case at the DOJ many of our most prominent lawyers are deranged madmen. I am white, my incarceration had a lot to do with whistleblowing and standing up to corruption. My research tells me the prisons and the laws to get so many incarcerated are due to legislators being paid off so corporations can enslave people to make money. The republicans arrest lots of brown and black people because most of them are democrats and then can't vote(in Alaska it is the native people). In Texas there are stories of innocent people being prosecuted as drug dealers because they get paid so much by the federal government for each one they arrest. Then there are the ridiculous sentences like both of your daughters got. We hoped Obama would help this problem, but he has increased the war on drugs and the federal budgets reflect more incarceration with less solving of problems of recidivism. My parents are from Mississippi and told me lots of stories of judicial corruption. The insanity of the sentences your daughters got show little progress, but don't think it is just Mississippi, it is pretty much the whole country. I hope in your case they soon release both of your daughters so they can come home to you and their children and have an upgrade to their health.






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